4 years at Big Brown

around 2around 1Guys, it’s been exactly 4 years since we bought Big Brown. 4 YEARS! Being a home owner, especially to a 100ish year old house, is a weird thing.  We love it. And sometimes we hate it. But mostly we love it.
I’ve told the story of our first visit to Big Brown a million times and at least twice on this blog, but I’m going to tell it again. It was September of 2010. Ray and I were not married, engaged, or even dating. We were “just friends” who sent hundreds of texts messages to each other during the work day and spent every single afternoon and evening together eating dinner, watching movies, and hanging out. Ray’s apartment had reached the max level of disgusting and it was time for him to find a new place. One afternoon Ray asked me to go with him to look at a house. Here’s where it gets weird – Moments before I get to his apartment a drunk driver (going extremely slow) hits our church van which was parked behind Ray’s apartment and an adjacent fence and then pulls over into some bushes. We chat with the police, the driver continues to yell “that’s drunk” over and over, and in about 20 minutes everything is back to normal. Strange, right? After the commotion we headed to Big Brown. It looked like a ginger bread house and we instantly fell in love (with the house). A few months later we also realized we were in love with each other.
Here are some blurry iphone pics taken during that initial meeting with the realator: photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)Big Brown is forever a work in progress. Over the last 4 years we’ve painted, repainted, scraped wallpaper, cried over leaky roofs, added furniture, taken away furniture, added cats, taken away cats, and the list goes on. We have soooo many ideas and dreams for Big Brown and we can’t wait to see them come to fruition.IMG_0006

Around Big Brown

After being off for a month for his surgery, Ray went back to last week! It’s an adjustment for sure, but it’s nice to be back in a “normal” routine. Bits and pieces of Christmas are still around, but at least they’re all in one place ready to be put upstairs. Our sun room is becoming a plant palooza and we love it so much. We have plans to build more shelves in our sun room for plants and a new home for our records in the living room. A house is always a work in progress, am I right?IMG_9990IMG_9991IMG_9992IMG_9995IMG_9999

time travel

Life seems to be flying by and sometimes I just want to be in 2010 again. In 2010 I fell in love, got engaged, traveled to Macedonia and Austria, spent so much time with friends, went to lots of great shows, floated in rivers, stayed at Ray’s apartment until the wee hours of the morning only to go to work at 7:30am, ate too many tacos and probably drank a little too much rum. It was a good year. There were hurts and heartaches for sure, but with those came lessons learned and hearts mended. 2010 12010 22010 82010 92010 72010 112010 62010 32010 5
Living in the past is never helpful, but sometimes it’s nice to reminisce. :)