Weekend Recap / Sad Little Blue

As some of you may know, this past weekend was a little crazy!
Last Saturday morning Ray and I left our house on a mission to find a few replacement parts for our car, Little Blue. Little Blue is a great car, but it’s a little old (in car years) and needs to be spruced up once in a while. Ray had talked me into going to a “you pick” car junkyard to see if we could find the replacement parts. Neither of us had been to this place and didn’t really know what to expect. Well, our expectations were obviously too high, because we basically found nothing. I did, however, get the slightest tan while I waited on Ray to look at 324908239048 cars in various states of disarray.
We were feeling pretty defeated, but decided to continue to our next destination, which was Sam’s. Sam’s is a place I hated as a child and now love as an adult. Since we’re leaving for MegaCon in Orlando this week, we needed to stock up on supplies… and where else would one go to purchase a 30 pack box of combos? Before we started our shopping we utilized the Sam’s $5 car wash. We couldn’t even remember the last time Little Blue was clean and sparkly!
Sam’s was a hit! We were able to buy lots produce and snacks for MegaCon!
We stopped for a quick lunch, browsed Movie Stop (actually, I watched The Princess and the Frog while Ray browsed), and started making our way back home.
We were almost home, only a few miles from our exit, when Little Blue started to shake. Within seconds our tire blew, we fishtailed across interstate lanes, spun backwards into the grass/swamp, and finally hit a tree (with our back bumper).
It was terrifying!!!!! An hour and a half (and 40 yellow fly bites) later, the Florida Highway Patrol finally show up. Thankfully, Ray and I were both fine!!lil blue 2 lil blue Several kind and caring people pulled over to make sure we were all right, which we were. We had friends that came and rescued us, friends who tried to pull our car out of the mud, and even friends who let us barrow their car. Despite a sad and broken Little Blue, we feel pretty #blessed!
Now, our next mission is to find a new car!

April 2016 Favorites

April has been over for some time now, but I still wanted to post my favorites! Here’s what I’ve been loving! IMG_1007

Ladylike by Essie – On the real, this color sort of makes my nails look a little off. It’s a beautiful color (and I keep wearing it over and over) but if you have a pinkish skin tone, know that your nails might end up looking bruised.
Turquoise and Caicos by Essie – This is such a beautiful color and perfect for the season!

Pineapple – Ray and I have been eating pineapple all day and all night! It’s so sweet and cheap right now!IMG_1013

White Marshmallow ear buds – I’m still loving marshmallow ear buds! These are the only ear buds I’ve ever had that don’t hurt or fall out of my ears.
IMG_1014East of Eden by John Steinbeck – East of Eden was my April book club book, and while it was a requirement for me to read, I loved it immensely. East of Eden is now one of my favorite books and I want to encourage everyone to read it!

Not Pictured / Multimedia:
The Challenge – The Challenge (formerly referred to as Real World vs. Road Rules) is near and dear to my heart because I’ve literally been watching for over 10 years. I recently discovered that The Challenge has seasons 21-27 available on Hulu! Ray and I watched so many episodes in the past few months! If you’ve never seen it (or haven’t watched any recent seasons) you should give it a shot! #CTforever
Ghostwriter– Another favorite from my past! Ghostwriter originally aired in the early 90’s on PBS and I watched it every Sunday morning. It’s about a group of kids in Brooklyn who solve mysteries (and promote literacy!) with the helps of a ghost. Ray is 100% embarrassed for me, but I STILL love Ghostwriter!


IMG_6700IMG_6703IMG_6701IMG_6702It’s been a while since I posted an instalife on here. According to my camera roll all I’ve been doing over the past several weeks is looking at flowers. In reality I’ve been working, weekending, working some more, podcast researching, cooking, planning, party-ing, watching Ghostwriter, and, apparently, not blogging!

Anniversary Weekend

It’s so hard to believe that Ray and I have been married for 5 years. Some days it seems like we’ve been together forever and some days it feels like it hasn’t even been a year.
Below are some snapshot from our anniversary weekend getaway. We stayed in the sweetest air b&b in Palm Harbor, FL. We spent Saturday eating delicious Greek food, exploring the Tarpon Springs sponge docks, and talking about some of our goals for this year.IMG_6545IMG_6541IMG_6543We watched the sun set at Fred Howard State Park, and witnessed an awkward matchy-matchy family photo shoot in the wild! See below! IMG_6561IMG_6566IMG_6567IMG_6569Sunday morning we decided to drive across the state to Cocoa Beach. First, we made a stop in Ybor City to have lunch at The Columbia restaurant, my favorite! You can’t beat the 1905 salad and sangria! Neither Ray nor I had been to Cocoa beach since the 90’s, and well, it hasn’t changed much. The Space Coast is pretty high on the tacky scale, but that’s only more reason to love it! We stayed in Fawlty Towers hotel (named after the show and run by Brits) which looks like a castle and is painted various shades of pink and teal. Fortunately, we were really close to the beach. Unfortunately, we slept on the most uncomfortable bed on planet earth. We spent Sunday afternoon swimming in the ocean! IMG_6576We drove home Monday and made a quick pit stop at Disney Springs for lunch and a little shopping! It was a great weekend!

Top 5 Tuesday : 90’s Heartthrobs

Time for another top 5 Tuesday!!!  It’s time to relive Tiger Beat…Today I’m talking about my top 5 90’s heartthrobs! I had crushes on all these guys through my teen and tween years!

5. Ben Savageht1Obvs. I was sooooo obsessed with Boy Meets World! Despite them being cuter, I always like Corey more than Eric and Shawn because he was nice and never got in trouble. Haha!
4. Taylor Hansonht7Pretty enough to be a girl! I loved Hanson as an 11 year old and I love Hanson as a 30 year old! Taylor was always my favorite. This past November, Hason was playing at Epcot during the Food and Wine festival and I’m still upset I missed them! Mmmbop.
3. Jonathon Taylor Thomasht8 While I was a fan of JTT in Home Improvement, my favorite version of him was from Man of the House, which also starred Chevy Chase. He was cute, funny, and a little bit of a trouble maker. Heartthrob material for sure!
2. Leonardo Di Caprioht6Whew, Leo (unlike most others on this list) can absolutely be on a 2016 Heartthrob list! Not only did he star in huge hits like Titanic and Romeo + Juliet, he was also in Growing Pains- which is where I first saw him and started crushing.
1. Joshua Jacksonht5What a dream, am I right? We’re on a little bit of a Dawson’s Creek kick, and I’m certainly not mad about seeing more of Pacey Witter. Also, let’s not forget about Joshua Jackson starring in The Mighty Ducks- the ultimate 90’s movie.

Who are you favorite 90’s heartthrobs?!