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Your friendly neighborhood spider-man ring

Hey true believers, I know batman is all the rage right now, but I’ve been really into wearing my Spider-man ring lately. Ray gave me this vintage Spider-man ring as a Christmas present the year we were engaged. It’s from a local antique store and I couldn’t love it more. It’s funny, there are things in my life that I normally would never care about (like comics and guitars) but, because I love my husband, those things matter now. 

A super hero ring might seem like a silly example of love, but I promise you it’s not.  Also, I mean, it’s pretty cute.

And as the great Stan Lee would say, ’nuff said. =)

July Favorites

1.Simple Facial Wipes – Yall, I’m really lazy sometimes and just can’t stand the idea of washing my face. Since I also can’t stand the idea of sleeping in eye makeup (kill me) these have really saved my face lately. Also, I have sensitive skin and these haven’t bothered my face at all.

2. Triumph by Carolyn Jessop – I don’t know if I’ve talked about this much on here, but I’m really interested in the FLDS. It might stem from my one-time obsession with Big Love. Triumph is the fantastically interesting 2nd book by Carolyn Jessop, recapping her experience escaping her life in the FLDS and her thoughts on protecting the families (especially children) still entrapped in the sect.

3. Minnetonka Moccasins – I’ve had these since October and while they’re probably more of a fall shoe, I still wear them all the time.

4. Maybeline Polish – Shocking Seas and Coral Crush. I mostly love these because they are cream finish polishes, but still really really shiny.

5. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme – Confession: I naturally have ugly, dry as hell cuticles. This stuff really works and smells delicious.

6. green $5 sunglasses – Holla! I love cheap sunglasses.

7. cough drops – Being sick sucks, especially when you work in a library and coughing is just too loud for people to handle. These cough drops have been really wonderful to me this month.


Dragon Con is cool

Ok, this post might be slightly out of character for me, but just trust me for a moment. Before I contradict everything I want you to know I’ve only read 2 comic books in my life and one was about True Blood, so I don’t even think it counts. I’ve only recently started watching shows and movies in the sci-fi genera (hello Firefly and Battle Star Galactica!!) and I never ever played any video games. Ever. I wont even bowl on the wii. Despite these facts, I REALLY want to go to Dragon Con (or comicon or comic palooza or whatever). I mean, where else can a Sith Lord, Mario, a sexy elf and steampunk batman hang out and have lunch? Ray found this video last night and now it’s my new favorite! I know it’s long, but there are sooooo many incredible costumes. Enjoy!

Alliray Love Story – Chapter 2

Over the next several years I went to many many more Unforsaken shows. They seemed to be playing every weekend and I was absolutely ok with it. My friends and I saw them at churches, events, parties, youth rallies, etc. Unforsaken was definitely the coolest local band we had. I even got one of their cd’s (that my mom bought for me at a local Christianbook store… hahah) in my stocking one Christmas.

Ray was the bass player. He had long hair, wore shiny shirts and yellow tinted sunglasses. He always seemed nice but he was WAY older than me. Like SOOO old. 5 whole years… which seems like a lot when you’re in high school. Haha.

Around the time I was 18 Unforsaken started going on long tours. Like 7 and 8 months long. They changed their name from Unforsaken to Rino, which I personally thought was a great move. It also looked better on tshirts.

At this point I was in college and had started going to a thursday night bible study at our BCM director’s house. I had become disillusioned with church and the actions and attitudes I had seen demonstrated by Christians. That bible study and the people involved were exactly what I needed at the time. I need to step back from the contemporary Christian subculture and get back to the basics. The gospel, love, sacrifice… you know, things that are a little more important than ultimate frisbee and pizza parties. Haha.

About 6 months later, that very same BCM director started a church that seemed to be full of single semi-misfits. And after a few weeks, guess who walked in the doors? The boys from Unforsaken!