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Alliray’s Spooky Halloween Song Countdown! Part 10

Today is the end! and hopefully you are all ready for tonight!
I hope you have all enjoyed my cheesy banner I made and all the music we’ve shared over the past 10 days!
Enjoy this last gem…

Of course its the Monster Mash!


also a bonus video!
Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead!

Enjoy! and Happy Halloween Y’all!

Halloween Party 2012

This past weekend was really busy for AlliRay. Friday night we helped with the annual Trunk or Treat in downtown Lake City. It was incredible fun and successful. Ray and I spent most of our time helping with the hayride around the lake, which was absolutely perfect for us because one of our favorite past times is to drive around that very lake.

Saturday, we went to a Halloween Party and played True American. If you watch New Girl, you might be familiar with the game True American. We waited until the last minute for costumes so I ended up being Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Ray went as a khaki scout from Moonrise Kingdom. We ended up having a lot of fun playing the game and spending quality time with some of our good friends.

Have you, or do you plan on attending any Halloween Parties? What will you be dressing as?

Alliray’s Spooky Halloween Song Countdown! Part 9

Wow guys! we are ONE DAY away from Halloween? is anyone excited about this?
If not maybe this next song will help you out! It is one of my favorites ever… not just for Halloween, I just love hearing this song any time!
The great Warren Zevon with Werewolves of London!

well I hope you all have your costumes ready! cause tomorrow is the big day!
any guesses on the final song in our countdown? I really don’t think it will be much of a mystery… but I guess we’ll see.