Monthly Archives: December 2012

Nailed It!

new years nails 1New years nails! New Years Eve calls for something a little shiny and a little sophisticated.  I’m really loving this nude + gold years nails 2new year 3

Also, I took these with one of my new macro lenses! Now you can clearly see every line and wrinkle in my hands. Yay! Haha, but seriously, these new lenses are great.

Merry Christmas from Alliray!

christmas card- 1Merry Christmas from Allison, Ray, Black Cat and Yellow Cat! Yesterday was one of the longest and most hectic days of the year, so Ray and I are still somewhat in recovery. Our day included sweet gifts, delicious food, and time spent with each of our families. I hope you all had a joyful day spending time with family and friends yesterday!

Nailed It!

Christmas Tree nails! I created the tree with a dotting tool, using two different shades of green. I also added a gold dot at the top of the tree for the star. These were so festive and simple! IMG_5547 -1IMG_5541 - 1Guys, can we just talk about my dry ugly cuticles for a second? I recently took a Blood borne Pathogens class (for real) for work and now I wash my hands and sanitize 320948230948 times a day. I mean, I just can’t take the chance of catching hepatitis from a door knob or something. Anyway, it’s really taken its toll on my cuticles.  Suggestions? Other than like, lotion (duh).