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Cooking with Alli: Grits Casserole

grits 2One of our favorite restaurants is a local(ish) BBQ place called 4 Rivers. We went to the Winter Park location a few years back on our way to a concert in Orlando. Guys, it was like pulled pork heaven! Their meat is tender and flavorful and their sides are to die for. A new location recently opened up in Gainesville and we’ve already been twice. I highly HIGHLY recommend 4 Rivers.
Our favorite side dish at 4R’s is absolutely the Grits Casserole. It’s cheesy and kind of spicy and delicious. Comfort food to the max. A few months ago we decided to have breakfast dinner at small group and I volunteered to make a grits dish in an effort to recreate the 4R’s infamous casserole. I scoured the internet researching different recipes, but ended up making it up on my own.grits 3 Here’s what you need:
1 C uncooked grits
3 C water
1/2 C (1 stick) of butter
2 eggs
1/2 C milk
8 ounces shredded cheese – I prefer a colby blend
salt and pepper to tastegrits 4

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Bring your 3 cups of salted water to boil and add grits. Let grits cook for several minutes until thick. Stir frequently. While this is happening, go ahead and add your eggs to your milk and lightly beat. Once grits are nice and thick take off heat and add your butter a few tablespoons at a time and continue to stir. After your butter is fully mixed in add in your milk egg mixture. Continue to stir. Mix in about 3/4 of your cheese. At this point, I usually add in LOTS of pepper, because Ray and I both love pepper, but you can add (or not add) as much as you like. Add any salt if needed. Pour your grits into a 9×13 casserole dish (or 9×9 dish for thicker grits) and top with remaining cheese. Pop it into the oven for 40 minutes or until a toothpick can come out clean.grits 1

Voila! This casserole is great for breakfast, with BBQ or with seafood.

Nailed It!

photo 2 (3)Please disregard the fact that these photos were clearly taken with my iphone. I had a terrible headache yesterday and couldn’t stand the thought of going outside in the sun (ouch) and taking a good picture with my fancy camera. So, these were taken via my phone while I was in bed. photo 1 (3)If you can’t tell, these were inspired by Minnie Mouse! She’s one of my fave fictional ladies!

Ray’s January 2014 Favorites

ray1. A Dance with Dragons: I’ve gotten most of the way through A Song of Ice and Fire, and am now on book 5. So far I’ve really loved this series.
2. A&W Root Beer: Guys, we love Root Beer her at Alliray, and this is one of our most favs!
3. New iPhone. My iPhone 4 had gotten to the point where it had for real seen better days. Fortunately because of a good deal and Christmas, Allison and I were able to upgrade!
ray 2

4.The Star Wars: Guys, I’ve been getting back into comic books, and this one is golden! It’s based off George Lucas’ original rough-draft screenplay of Star Wars. So things are familiar, but completely different. The art and writing are good too.
5. Fantomex Max Mini-Series: Fantomex is one of my favorite new characters in the Marvel Universe, and I’ve really enjoyed him having his own Max mini-series.
ray 36.Amazing X-Men – Oh Nightcrawler, how I have missed you. this is the first issue of another X-Men book that I’m really enjoying.

Sorry my January Favorites are so nerd-centric… but its what I’ve been jamming to lately.

Allison’s January 2014 Favorites

jan1. New iphone!! Yay! The iphone I had been using for the previous 2 years originally belonged to Ray and the screen has been cracked the entire time. I’m loving the 5s AND we got a great deal on it from Best Buy! Win win!
2. New iphone case by Rifle Paper Co.
3. True Blue Paraffin Hand Lotion. This stuff is super moisturizing and smells like oranges.jan 2satsume
4. Emergen-C because of sick life. Boo.
5. Sage Berry Candle Company wax tarts! I love that these tarts are from a local company and they smell sooo good.
6. Orly nail polish in Rage
7. Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse by Happy Hands Nail Polish (another fave local company)
8. Maybelline’s The Rocket Mascara
9. The Body Shop Body Butter in Satsuma. This might be my favorite January Favorite.

10. Orange is the New Black. Please, oh please lets hope I never have to go to prison because I will clearly never survive.
11. DDon’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. Long title, right? I wasn’t a huge fan of this show at first, but James Van Der Beek has just been killing it lately. He’s hilarious and I love that he plays himself.

*UNFAVORITE*almay1. Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads. The absolute WORST eye makeup remover pads I’ve ever used.