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love Florida

One of the best parts of living in North Florida is the abundance of fresh water springs that feed into our rivers. The spring water stays at a constant temperature of 72 degrees, which is refreshing (and freezing) in the Florida summers. Here’s a photo of my mom and her family at Silver Springs experiencing the glass-bottom boats!springsWhile looking for old North Florida pictures for a work project, I came across a bunch of spring and river photos from the early to mid nineteen hundreds from The pictures are so special I had to share a few!spring swimmers spring swimmers 2spring swimmers 3Ray and I are hoping to take a few river and spring trips this summer. What are your summer plans?

Nailed It!


So, who’s seen X-Men Days of Future Past? We have! The X-Men have been Ray’s favorite since he was a boy, so over the last 3 years I’ve learned A LOT about mutants. Seriously, ask me about Jean Grey and Scott Summers’ relationship. Or ask me about how Cable is from the future. You’ll probably surprised and impressed by my answers… unless you’re super knowledgeable on X-Men and then you might be disappointed.  xmen 3xmen 2About a year ago I attempted X-Men nails and failed miserably. I wish I had photo evidence of the catastrophe, but I know I immediately removed the polish after completion. These turned out so much better than last time! xmen 4