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Happy Birthday Black Cat

IMG_1085 weekend - 2Guys, it’s almost Black Cat’s B-day! I promise we’re not those crazy people that are obsessed with their pets… I promise! A few weeks prior to finding Black Cat, Ray discovered 4 kittens under one of our bushes. We bathed and fed them, but after failed attempts at giving them away we ended up taking them to the pound. Shorty after that, Ray found BC hiding in our shed. He was so teeny and weird and lived in our bathroom for a few days until we decided we loved him. bc 2We actually have no idea when he was born, but we assume he was around 4 weeks old on Memorial Day 2012. BC has such a distinct personality for a cat. He ALWAYS wants to be in the same room we’re in. He LOVES to be held like a baby and doesn’t get mad if you just carry him around the house. He has 2 messed up ears. He sits on our couch like a person. He loves tomatoes and he’s scared of children. There’s Black Cat in a nutshell.

anniversary day date according to our iphones

photo 3 (3)Last weekend we were finally able to spend some time together celebrating our 3 year anniversary. We took a day trip to St. Augustine, which is only about an hour and a half from our home.
When we arrived we had breakfast treats and day (10)

We walked around the oldest city in America, window shopping and people watching. We visited Wolf’s Museum of Mystery. It was, well, everything I expected. Strange art and artifacts, horror movie props, photographs and other oddities. Upstairs is a mini theater (more like a Halloween decorated living room) where you can watch horror movies and eat popcorn at your leisure. If you’re into Butch Anthony style art, this is the place for 1 (15)

After the museum, we went to San Sebastian Winery for a wine tasting. San Sebastian specializes in wine made from muscadine grapes, which are native to Florida. I only liked one wine I tasted which was the Vinters (12)

Next we headed to a comic shop, which was super boring to me but Ray loved it.
We drove over to the island to smell the beach air before heading to The Columbia for dinner. 1905 salad + champagne sangria = YES PLEASE
We finished the night drinking coffee and walking around historical 2 (15)We had such a nice day celebrating our marriage!

Nailed It!

pineapple nailsI’m back (said in my Veronica Mars voice)! What better way to welcome the summer weather than a little tropical flare?! About a week ago I was watching a youtube video on fruit nail art and decided to try a pineapple nail. It’s not the most beautiful pineapple, but I really like it!pineapple nails 2Happy Cinco De Mayo!