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7 things you can learn from Serial

new serial captureIf you’ve been around me lately (or follow me on twitter) then you’ve probably heard me talking about the Podcast Serial. It’s sort of an offshoot of This American Life (also highly recommended) that started in October. Serial follows the 1999 murder of high schooler Hae Min Lee and the conviction of her ex boyfriend Adnan Syed. The final episode of Serial season 1 aired on Thursday and well, it left questions. Lots of questions that will probably never be answered. Is Adnan Syed just an eloquent psychopath? Was Jay pressured by the state to testifying against Adnan or this that just a red herring? Pakistani Mob? Money hungry attorney? The list goes on and the more I hear about the trial the more questions I have. While the questions abound, there are some good take-aways from listening to Serial.

Here are a few things we can learn from Serial:
1. It’s really hard to remember things. The murder of Hae Min Lee happened in January of 1999. I THINK I was in 7th grade at the time. 7th grade! I was probably listening to Hanson and still mourning Leo’s death in Titanic. But really I have absolutely no idea what I was doing in January of 1999. I would have to look at my calendar to see what I was doing 1 week ago.
2. Leakin Park is a terrifying place. It was were Hae’s body was found AND it’s known as Baltimore’s unofficial burial ground. Hello?!
3. Don’t go streaking because you might come upon a dead body. Go home Mr. S, you’re drunk and pervy. Also, the fact that you’re called Mr. S makes everything about you x10 creepier!
4. Pay phone locations are, apparently, really hard to track down. So much research went into figuring out this Best Buy pay phone situation and we’re still not sure if it ever existed.
5. Keep a diary! Or a calendar. Or at least have Evernote.
6. Sometimes it’s really hard to pronounce the word “chimp”.
7. Cell phone records can be tricky. Adnan’s cell phone records and tower pings do not at all coincide with his or Jay’s description of the day in question. Are both of these guys lying? Was the phone with someone else? Were calls left unanswered? See, more questions.

Have you listened to Serial? What are your thoughts? Do you think Adnan is guilty? What were you doing in January 1999?

December Update

IMG_9974IMG_9976IMG_9977IMG_9975It’s really nice to welcome these guys back into the public. I’m not brave enough to put our vintage ornaments on our tree this because I don’t trust Black Cat to understand they’re decorations and not new toys. In the future I hope to buy an extra large real tree, but for now our small faux tree works.
December has been a hard month so far. We opened the month with a major surgery (which went well, btw) followed by a week recovering in the hospital. More recovery happening at home.  Close friends of ours suffered a loss in late November, which broke our hearts. Both of us have been feeling under the weather and neither of us have been sleeping well. Also, the Christmas season can be a tad stressful, don’t you think? Not to be a huge downer, but the first half of December has just been really rough.
Despite all that I just said, I think this December will end well. 2014 will be redeemed. I’m looking forward to a few quiet nights spending time with the ones I love, remembering this year and reflecting on the advent season.

Nailed It!

Today, I wanted to talk about my favorite winter polishes. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about polish. Life’s been weird and pretty nails haven’t been on the top of the list. However, after a week in the hospital for Ray’s surgery (more on that later) one of the first things I did to relax and feel normal was paint my nails. IMG_9964IMG_99601. Rage by Orly
2. Gold glitter (no name to be found) by Wet and Wild
3. Miss Fancy Pants by Essie
4. Punk Purple by Elf
5. In Stitches by Essie
6. Decoded by Orly
7. Wild Wisteria by Orly
8. Plum Nior by Orly
9. Bordeaux by Essie
10. Size Matters by Essie

November Favorites


Ray and I are currently living the hospital life, as he had surgery Monday morning. It hasn’t been fun at all, so I decided to blog about something fun since Ray is currently in the middle of a valium induced nap. nov 1nov 2nov 3nov 4

1. Soap and Glory Flake Away scrub
2. Blueberry Gelly Hi-Shine by Barry M
3. Miss Fancy Pants by Essie
4. Wax tarts by Sage Berry Candle Company
5. Apples, specifically gala apples my in-laws brought us from the apple festival in North Carolina.
6. Lemon Flutter cuticle butter by Lush – Guys, this stuff is super good and you get sooooo much product!
7. Cinnamon Chex – my new favorite cereal!
8. Dr. Teals milk and honey Epsom Salt
9. Gilmore Girls – If you know me, you know how excited I was when Gilmore Girls became available on Netflix streaming!
10. Serial Podcast – I’m sure you’ve heard of it, as everyone has been talking about this podcast, but if you haven’t you should check it out!
11. My new ipad – a birthday gift from Ray!