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Megacon 2015 Part 1

IMG_0271IMG_0290It’s taken me a really long time to post about Megacon, which took place 2 1/2 weeks ago. It’s such an overwhelming experience and I needed time to come down from the high of that weekend. I didn’t grow up reading comics. I’ve only played one video game in my life and it was when I was in my twenties (and I hated it.) 97% of the nerd knowledge I have, I’ve gained in the past 4 years while being married to Ray. Despite being a late bloomer into the world of nerd, I LOVE attending Megacon! This was my 3rd consecutive year attending the convention, and it was a completely new experience!
This year I helped represent Lunar Eleven Studios in Artists Alley, and was given a press pass to cover the event. So, I was pretty fancy. I spent my time split between working the Lunar Eleven table, talking to potential Infinity Con vendors, watching Ray shop for comic books, and taking pictures of people in costumes- my fave!
We saw a bunch of great costumes:IMG_0293IMG_0294IMG_0312IMG_0327 IMG_0329IMG_0289IMG_0284Some really crazy sometimes confusing costumes:IMG_0334 IMG_0349IMG_0367Several seriously impressive Groots:IMG_0287 IMG_0318 IMG_0348The cutest babies to ever wear costumes:IMG_0299 IMG_0332IMG_0333IMG_0309IMG_0364More cosplay photos coming soon!!!

My sister is coming home!!

photo 2 (6)Guys, in just a few short days my one-and-only BFF sister will be boarding a plane and moving back to good ole’ Lake City, FL!! I could not be more excited and I feel like I might explode with happiness!! She’s been living in Nakuru, Kenya for the past 3 years, which, ahem, is pretty far away.
So, in honor of her return I’m posting some of our best sister photos.
Orange teeth sisters:brie bdayGiant Easter collar sisters: A and B Scarf sisters:brie bday 3 Napoleon Dynamite sisters:fam - 2 Being dreamy in over saturation sisters:102_0059 Weird platypus face sisters:christmas lights 004 Christmas pajama sisters:1613925_10152345154369429_4462450286053163060_nAnd, of course, bandit sisters:

Gardening 2015

IMG_0370 IMG_0371IMG_0374It’s garden planting time! When I was growing up my dad always had a vegetable garden. And even though I was a kid and didn’t LOVE eating vegetables, I loved his garden. He would plant beans, tomatoes, okra, radishes, peppers, squash (I think), sunflowers, and maybe potatoes? It was a great garden until my parents had new drain lines put in and the plumbers dug right through the garden. RUDE!! I never thought I would be a garden person like my dad, but I guess I am!IMG_0372IMG_0373IMG_0378 This will be our 3rd spring planting a garden at Big Brown. In 2013 Ray built a raised bed out of reclaimed pallet wood. We were super adventurous (way too adventurous) planting various tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, and lots of herbs. Last year we scaled WAY back as Ray was just starting a new job and for the first 3 months had inconsistent and strange hours. This year our garden will be somewhere in the middle.
About a month and a half ago we visited our favorite nursery, Noble’s Greenhouse and Nursery in Live Oak. We bought 5 tomato varieties; Super Sweet 100 Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Great White, Lemon Boy, and Debaro Plumb. 3 varieties of mint; Mojito, Apple, and Spearmint. We also bought jalapeno and banana peppers. Then, our friend Kyle gave us Supersteak and Mortgage Lifter tomatoes he grew from seeds!
Here’s our garden map:IMG_0380 Aside from what’s in our garden, we’re also growing lettuce, strawberries, thyme, basil (although we can never keep it alive), rosemary, oregano, lemon balm, and chives.IMG_0377 Are you planting a garden this year? What will you be growing?

Disney World Anniversary Trip!

IMG_2301IMG_2233 Earlier in the week Ray and I took a short trip to Disney World for our 4th wedding anniversary. Albeit slightly exhausting, we had so much fun! We stayed on Disney property, which we always recommend. We spent Monday at the Magic Kingdom and Tuesday at Epcot. IMG_2253IMG_2314IMG_2322IMG_2331IMG_2332We had a DELICIOUS dinner at Narcoosse’s at the Grand Floridian Resort Monday evening. As we were catching the boat from the Grand Floridian to take us back to the Magic Kingdom the nightly fireworks show began. We watched the show from the water and never had to fight the crowd. It was perfect.IMG_2344

On the real, life has not been awesome lately. We’ve been dealing with some not-so-fun medical issues, Ray is still dealing with effects from his surgery in December and is scheduled for another one in May, close friends of ours have been dealing with lots of hard stuff, I miss my sister everyday, work has been stressful, and life has been really difficult overall. I’m not saying any of that for sympathy or attention, just to explain how great spending a few days at Disney was for us. The break from life to enjoy each other and the magic of Disney World was exactly what we needed!IMG_2276