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Music Monday : Ryan Adams

ra2raLast week Ryan Adams released his cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989. The anticipation I’ve had over this album is almost ridiculous. I don’t listen to music as much as I used to, but I actively listen to both Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift. How could a mashup between these two go wrong? As expected, it’s an undeniable hit! I mean, just take a listen!

Ryan Adams has not only been one of my favorite musicians, but also a long time celebrity boyfriend. Worn-in jean jacket + dirty hair? I’m into it. I’ve been a fan since early high school, especially of his sad moody albums. I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, but for the entire year of 2009 the only CD I had in my car was Heartbreaker. If Ryan Adams has just entered your radar due to 1989, I highly suggest you listen to some of his other music! You’ll love it! 😉
Here are some of my favorites:

Oh My Sweet Carolina is not only a favorite Ryan Adams song, it’s a favorite life song. It’s so perfect. This is a live version with Jenny Lewis. In the original recording Emmylou Harris sang the female part.

What music are you currently loving? Have you been listening to Ryan Adams’ cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989?

Bar Ideas

Friends! We here at Big Brown, aka just Ray and I, are on the hunt for a dry bar/bar cart situation. Actually, we’ve been on this hunt for a while. Currently our bar items live in our kitchen on our old table along with a juicer (also no permanent home) and old magnets. We need something better!
A few years ago while yard sale-ing, we found a rusty, grimy, cart that we took apart, sanded. painted, sealed, and put back together. It now sits in our dinning room and we use it as our coffee cart. It’s perfect in it’s size, simplicity, and function.
As much as I love our coffee cart,  I want to go with something different if we go with a cart-style for our bar. Maybe something with wood like this:1

Mid Century Bar Cart from West Elm
I love the mix of brass and wood and the clean simple lines.
I also love the idea of going with a consul or credenza and repurposing it into a bar:2
Modern Media Consul from West Elm. A Little price-y, but it has a beautiful design.
Similar to the Modern Media Consul, is this “Ikea Hack” bar cart DIY from Brittany Makes blog. It’s a similar style and I love the price point!
What’s your favorite of the one I posted? Have you seen any great bar situations around? Send them my way!

Nailed It

neutral 1As I said last week, the Autumn season is knocking at the door and I couldn’t be happier about it. Before I move onto toupes, greys, mauves, and other autumnal hues, I thought it only appropriate to say farewell to the summer with a light neutral nail polish.neutral 2 I’m usually not a neutral nail polish person, but this color is beautiful and doesn’t make my hands look dead (only a little, ahem, dry), haha. I will soon be moving onto the darker tones, but it’s nice to have a classic pretty manicure right before the season changes.

Autumn 2015

IMG_0593I know there are technically a few weeks left of summer (and literally months of 90+ degree weather here in North Florida),  but labor day always marks a sort of farewell to the summer season. It’s generally bittersweet to see the summer go, but this year it’s only sweet. I can feel in my bones how much I need autumn right now.
Last September Ray got really sick and spent over a week in the hospital (another week in December and another few days in May). He was in a lot of pain, ended up having 2 major surgeries, and still (even a year later) feels the effects from last fall. That time was stressful, chaotic, scary, and just really hard. And while we were fully taken care of and carried through those difficult times, it’s nice the medical issues are over. I feel like we skipped fall (or actually entire holiday season) last year. I’m looking forward to Autumn 2015 as a season of renewal and refreshment.
Autumn 2015 is already starting to look very (VERY) different than 2014. We already have a trip to Disney World planned for my birthday, a trip to Nashville with friends for a wedding (and hopefully a visit with Jenna), our annual Friendsgiving party, and a plan to take time and enjoy the season. I can’t wait!