welcome to allirayofficial wedding 200Welcome to Alliray.com! My name is Allison and my husband’s name is Ray, thus we are Alliray. I started Alliray in 2012, but have been blogging consistently since 2008.
7 1/2 years ago Ray and I married and bought a 90 year old home we affectionately refer to as Big Brown. We’ve been updating, decorating, re-decorating, organizing, and DIY-ing ever since. On Alliray you can find posts focused on Florida lifestyle, house projects, recipes, favorites, southern living, and everyday life.
IMG_0240around 2risottoLove, Florida vol 1 - postcards 2

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know if you have any questions about a post, business inquires, or anything else you see on the blog.

Email me at allison (at) alliray (dot) com

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