Alliray Love Story – Chapter 4

Considering Valentines Day will be here rather shortly, I think it’s time for another installment of the Alliray love (38)

During the fall of 2007 Ray and I were together all the time. I specifically remember one day  Ray asking me to come hang out at his apartment and watch a movie. We watched Superbad (btw – not as funny as people say it is) and I worked on a 2-d art project involving monochromatic maple leaves. Haha!
On December 17th of 2007 I had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. Basically, I was walking down the stairs at work, stepped wrong, and ended up breaking my foot. So dumb, right? Ray was really sweet to me, even when I was hopping around his apartment with my foot in a cast. He even wheeled me around in a wheelchair so I could Christmas shop at Webb’s Antique Mall.
A few weeks later, on New Years Eve, Ray opted out of a meat-and-booze-type-party to hang out with me at a low key pretzels and-dominoes-type-party. We watched the ball drop and then left for his apartment because we wanted to spend more time together. We watched Punch Drunk Love and talked until 4am. At that point, I pretty much knew he had a crush on me. =)

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