Alliray’s Spooky Halloween Song Countdown! Part 7

Alright everyone this is the 7th installment of Alliray’s Spooky Halloween Song Countdown!
Today we are gonna have a 3 part post that is going out to all the spooky women out there!

First Fleetwood Mac’s Black Magic Woman… I have always preferred this version over the Santana one…

Next up is Spooky by Classic IV
I remember the fist time I heard this song… I loved it… it has such a great groove and spookiness to it! Also they were formed in Jacksonville, FL! did anyone ever meet or know any of these guys? or maybe see them live around here?

One last one to leave you with today!
Witchy Woman by the Eagles… also this video just has the most creepy Eagle hand painting of all time… so enjoy that…

So what is your favorite creepy woman song?

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