Allison’s September Favorites!

faves 1faves 2faves 31. Trader Joe’s Bolivian Blend coffee
2. Clear Fizz Control shampoo and conditioner
3. White Minnetonka Moccasins found at a thrift store
4. FINALLY being a Starbucks gold card member. Holla for free refills, but BOOOOOO for terribly slow internet.
5. Budding Romance by China Glaze
6. Miss Fancy Pants by Essie
7. Candy Coated by Hard Candy
8. Veronica Mars!! Ray and I recently finished watching the series together. I’d seen it before but it was Ray’s first time watching it. We’re both SOOO excited for the movie to come out next spring.
9.House of Lies! Can you tell we’re on a Kristin Bell kick?
10. Gala apples (not pictured because I ate them all)

One thought on “Allison’s September Favorites!

  1. April

    V-Mars is one of my all time favorites! I was a movie Kickstarter supporter, so I’ve been getting lots of updates. It’s going to be so fun.


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