Around Big Brown

Lately, Big Brown has been filled with the scent of Marshmallow Fireside and the sounds of a nerdy podcast. We’ve been staying in and making meals at home. Some of those meals being rather, um, experimental. We’ve been watching weirdo netflix docs. Life has been pretty nice around here.breadWe miserably failed our first attempt at making break. 1. It turned out incredibly ugly. 2. It tasted really salty. 3. 1/4 of the loaf stuck to the pan. Boo.cabinetWe started organizing our china cabinet. Notice we don’t have any china.ornamentI finally took down all our Christmas decorations. For our small silver tree I made ornaments out of a few of Ray’s heroclix. pot holders pot holder 2

And finally, after going through our pot holder collection I realized I’m 28 going on 70. I’m not even mad about it.
What’s been going on around your house?

One thought on “Around Big Brown

  1. Kim Mears

    I really love your potholder collection! Crochet pot holders are so cute! I have a bunch in 1970s acrylic yarn that my great aunt made before passing away. They are super ugly, but my absolute favorites.


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