Beryl was so rude

Well, if you’re my facebook friend you probably already know this, but yesterday afternoon a tree fell on the back part of our house (the music studio). Hurricane Beryl (who was so rude) was over our head, and even though it wasn’t THAT bad I guess our pecan tree couldn’t handle it. It was really scary and stressful and water was pouring into the studio. Thankfully we were both home at the time and were able to move things so no equipment was damaged. Part of the tree punctured our roof causing a pretty big hole. Thankfully, we have some friends who have contracting knowledge that came over gave us some temporary roof repairs (shout out to Bradley). We will have to repair/reshingle part of the roof… but just a small part due to majority of our roof being metal.
Here’s a picture of our sad broken tree. All in all, we didn’t have such a  great memorial day… BUT we’re safe, dry and fully aware that we have pretty good friends and a great church family.

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