Big Brown Porch Inspiration

bb porch

hanging ferns. herb plant stand. folding chairs. porch light

Our porch is a hot mess, but we’re hoping to replace and repair it this spring or summer. I want lots of hanging ferns (maybe we’ll also add some to the balcony), wooden folding chairs, a place for our herbs to live, and updated lighting. I’m going for a very lazy-southern-lemonade-drinking porch.

Homeownership is a weird thing. I’ve been thinking a lot about style and decorating and some of the changes we want to make in and around our home. I’ve had the same (or very similar) taste and style my entire adult life, but I’ve been able to refine it over the last several years. It’s not like I’m super mature or anything now, and although I still love kitschy vintage stuff, I don’t want my home to feel like a time warp. I think this is a consequence of home ownership, not too many of us have all the cash-money to do everything up front, so you have to wait, and during the process of waiting you can really figure out what you like in your home. It seems only natural to evolve, and I like to see that process.

I’ll make sure to post the porch progress (+ anything else we do in the house) as it happens!


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