Brie’s bedroom

My sister, Brie, is hilarious, stylish, wonderful, creative, brave, ridiculous and even so much more. She likes colors, folk art, vintage. Her bedroom is a huge reflection of who she is and her aesthetic. She loves to display fun and personal details. I just love it so much!
So, it’s my pleasure to introduce you all to Brie!
“My bedroom is basically a funny mixture of current Brie and 12-year-old Brie (hello, lavender walls and strange light-colored gigantic furniture. Think Ray Romano’s headboard in Everybody Loves Raymond… because I own the exact same one.) I have lots and lots of trinkets that I’ve somehow accumulated over the years from thrift stores and Christmas presents from my mom and Alliray, and I love them. I really like old jewelry and clip-on earrings, and I’ve gotten a lot of mine from a jewelry box gold mine that my mom inherited. I also love hand-made things! My grandpa used to be an incredible wood-worker and my grandma did a lot of adorable embroidery and sewing, so I have several things that they’ve created displayed in my room. Most of my other artwork and handmade treasures have come from thrift stores and craft festivals.”

Lemon curtains my mom made followed by cloth cats my Nonnie made!

Hello, popsicle stick lamp!

Jewelry box I found at a craft festival.

Vintage circus bowl filled with homemade soap by my friend, Tim!

“Basically my room is just a big mess of all the things and details that I love! It makes me feel like myself and like I can breathe. In just over a month, I’ll be moving to east Africa, but I will definitely be bringing along a few of these things so I can feel like I’m at home… even on the other side of the world. My bedroom is my fave place to be, and I love it so much. Even my purple walls and dusty bookshelves and middle-aged adult furniture.” 🙂

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