Christmas Haul!

xmas 2012I just wanted to make a post with some of my most favorite Christmas gifts my incredible family and husband gave me!beads 11. These cryptoid glasses from Ray. I had actually favorited these on etsy about a year ago and was thinking about getting them for Ray! Great minds, you know.
2. Elf Local Purse, I had been eyeing this guy for almost a year! Thanks mom!
3. West African trading beads! As most of you know, my sister has been living in Kenya for the past 6 months and she picked these up for me! They are all individually hand painted and oh so beautiful!
4. New fun makeup and polish from everyone!
5. Tripod for my camera
6. Cute nesting measuring cups and spoons
7. Nancy Drew books to add to my collection, including 2 Nancy Drew graphic novels. So fun!
8. New juicer (finally)! We’ve been looking into purchasing a new juicer for about a yer. Our old one leaked and created such a mess. I didn’t include the juicer in this photo because it’s kind of big and I would have had to put it all together. =)xmas 2012 2

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