Date day

So, I took this past Friday off. I’m going to be honest, I work with a lot of ladies and I really just needed a break. Also, I had a personal day I had to use before the end of September. Win win! Ray planned a date day that began at 6am with him waking me up with hot donuts from my favorite local shop. It was really sweet, but a little early so we went back to sleep (thank goodness). After a few more hours of beauty rest, we left for Gainesville to see Moonrise Kingdom! Yes, I had already seen it but Ray hadn’t and I was more than willing to view it again. I think I enjoyed it even more the second time.

After the movie we wanted to go to Target but it was SUPER busy with all the college students buying dorm sheets and desk lamps so we decided to skip it and headed straight to Sam’s. Did I mention we’re 65? We also visited a fairly lame music store and grabbed dinner at Chipotle. All in all, it was a pretty¬†successful¬†date day.

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