Gardening 2015

IMG_0370 IMG_0371IMG_0374It’s garden planting time! When I was growing up my dad always had a vegetable garden. And even though I was a kid and didn’t LOVE eating vegetables, I loved his garden. He would plant beans, tomatoes, okra, radishes, peppers, squash (I think), sunflowers, and maybe potatoes? It was a great garden until my parents had new drain lines put in and the plumbers dug right through the garden. RUDE!! I never thought I would be a garden person like my dad, but I guess I am!IMG_0372IMG_0373IMG_0378 This will be our 3rd spring planting a garden at Big Brown. In 2013 Ray built a raised bed out of reclaimed pallet wood. We were super adventurous (way too adventurous) planting various tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, and lots of herbs. Last year we scaled WAY back as Ray was just starting a new job and for the first 3 months had inconsistent and strange hours. This year our garden will be somewhere in the middle.
About a month and a half ago we visited our favorite nursery, Noble’s Greenhouse and Nursery in Live Oak. We bought 5 tomato varieties; Super Sweet 100 Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Great White, Lemon Boy, and Debaro Plumb. 3 varieties of mint; Mojito, Apple, and Spearmint. We also bought jalapeno and banana peppers. Then, our friend Kyle gave us Supersteak and Mortgage Lifter tomatoes he grew from seeds!
Here’s our garden map:IMG_0380 Aside from what’s in our garden, we’re also growing lettuce, strawberries, thyme, basil (although we can never keep it alive), rosemary, oregano, lemon balm, and chives.IMG_0377¬†Are you planting a garden this year? What will you be growing?

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