Happy Birthday Black Cat

IMG_1085 weekend - 2Guys, it’s almost Black Cat’s B-day! I promise we’re not those crazy people that are obsessed with their pets… I promise! A few weeks prior to finding Black Cat, Ray discovered 4 kittens under one of our bushes. We bathed and fed them, but after failed attempts at giving them away we ended up taking them to the pound. Shorty after that, Ray found BC hiding in our shed. He was so teeny and weird and lived in our bathroom for a few days until we decided we loved him. bc 2We actually have no idea when he was born, but we assume he was around 4 weeks old on Memorial Day 2012. BC has such a distinct personality for a cat. He ALWAYS wants to be in the same room we’re in. He LOVES to be held like a baby and doesn’t get mad if you just carry him around the house. He has 2 messed up ears. He sits on our couch like a person. He loves tomatoes and he’s scared of children. There’s Black Cat in a nutshell.

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