Happy St. Patrick’s Day

IMG_0592 alliray 4 IMG_0469 IMG_0450 IMG_0278 IMG_0378 IMG_0230 photo 2 (4) greens 1 infinity con watermelons shoes thrifting 101 4 green nails 2Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I just wanted to show some green love and share one of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day memories!
I was always a skeptical child. I stopped believing in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny pretty early on and as much as I hoped they were real, I knew fairies didn’t exist. I had never heard of St. Patrick’s Day until I was in Kindergarten. I remember a few days prior to March 17th my teacher (Sabrina Sibbernsen, one of my favorite teachers ever!!) read us a book about leprechauns. I KNEW they couldn’t be real and I was appalled my classmates would even entertain the idea. On St. Patrick’s Day my class went to the playground as we normally did, nothing special or out of the ordinary. When we returned, our classroom had been ransacked. Desks were turned over, chairs were upside down, the sink was turned on, green confetti covered the tables, and there was a note from a leprechaun on the board. This really threw me for a loop. I KNEW that leprechauns weren’t real, but I also had no explanation for our ransacked classroom. I loved my teacher and couldn’t fathom the idea that she would ever play a trick on us. Minutes after we walked in our room, the principal came over the announcements warning us there were leprechauns on the loose on campus! I was so conflicted!!!
How could all these adults be fooled?? I came to the conclusion that parent volunteers were playing a mean trick on the teachers and principal. I was way too stubborn to believe in leprechauns. Lol!


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