I wont say cold

So, it’s cool outside. I wont say cold because that would be stretching it, but there is a definite crisp in the air. And I could be wrong, but I feel like this happened all of a sudden. Having lived in Florida all my life I’m well aware that this is a fluke and the real fall weather wont start until late November… but I’m really enjoying this chilly snap.

In my mind it’s officially fall because my birthday is less than 3 weeks away, I’ve already started making plans to attend the annual Micanopy Fall Festival and everyone I know wont stop talking about pumpkin spice. This is by far my favorite time of year. The last few weeks have been really busy for me and Ray trying to balance work, meetings, clients, etc. Here’s hoping we get some time this weekend to hang out and relax with each other. And maybe watch some Freaks and Geeks.

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