Instagram accounts you should follow!

IMG_2050I fully believe that Instagram is my favorite form of social media. I mean, I have a blog series called Instalife where I repost mine and Ray’s instagrams. In 2011, when I got my first iphone (aka – Ray’s old iphone), I was most excited about instagram. At that time the app was iphone exclusive, so, you know, SUPER trendy. Here are a few of my first photos:IMG_1993 I was really into grainy filters and rounded corners. Ha! Don’t worry, I’ve tried to improve my selectiveness and the quality of photos I post online.

Here are 5 of my favorite accounts, all with different styles and themes.IMG_2056

1. @aww.sam – because I can’t get enough of her cute photos! Everything she touches is cute. Also, baked goods. So many baked goods!!!IMG_2059
2. @mountaintalk – because sometimes I wish I lived in the woods on top of a mountain. Every photo from this account is beautiful.IMG_2058
3. @lifewithdisney – because I’m okay looking at pictures of Disney World all day everyday.IMG_2057
4. @cactusman – because Ray and I are obsessed with cacti. I mean, have you seen our sunroom?IMG_2060
5. @ryanheshka – because Ryan Heshka is one of my absolute favorite artists. He gives sneak peaks of what he’s working on and upcoming art shows he’s a part of.

What are your favorite instagram accounts?

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