March 2017 Favorites

I think my favorites for this month are more like SUPER favorites! Let me know what your favorite things have been lately!!
Daylight Savings – I LOVE longer days and the sun shining well after 7pm! I love being able to walk around my favorite lake into the evening hours without it being too dark.

Spring Blooms – Spring is here, and in Florida it doesn’t last long, so I’m trying to soak it up! We’ve had so many beautiful flowers pop up this month!

Natalie’s Juice – Ray and I both love this juice! It’s local to Florida, contains minimal ingredients (most flavors contain just 1!), and is truly delicious!

Gateway City Craft Beer & Wine Festival – A few weeks ago was the second annual Gateway City Craft Beer and Wine Festival. Ray and I went with a few friends and had such a great time! We tried countless (and many locally brewed) beers, sampled wine, visited with friends, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and got a little tipsy! It was such a successful event!

Go Go Geisha – The new favorite pink polish. Perfect for Spring!

S-Town – S-Town in a new podcast by the producers of This American Life and Serial. Rather than releasing 1 episode a week, S-Town went the way of Netflix and released the entire season at once. It’s perfect for binge listening! I simply cannot say enough good things about this podcast. S-town is a beautiful portrait of John McLemore, his “shit town”, and the strange south and I highly suggest you immediately download it.

Missing Richard Simmons – While Missing Richard Simmons is very different from S-Town, it’s equally as intriguing. This podcast explores fitness icon, Richard Simmons, and his mysterious and sudden absence from the public eye.

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