My sister is coming home!!

photo 2 (6)Guys, in just a few short days my one-and-only BFF sister will be boarding a plane and moving back to good ole’ Lake City, FL!! I could not be more excited and I feel like I might explode with happiness!! She’s been living in Nakuru, Kenya for the past 3 years, which, ahem, is pretty far away.
So, in honor of her return I’m posting some of our best sister photos.
Orange teeth sisters:brie bdayGiant Easter collar sisters: A and B Scarf sisters:brie bday 3 Napoleon Dynamite sisters:fam - 2 Being dreamy in over saturation sisters:102_0059 Weird platypus face sisters:christmas lights 004 Christmas pajama sisters:1613925_10152345154369429_4462450286053163060_nAnd, of course, bandit sisters:

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