Nailed It!

I know it’s almost mid-January but I really wanted to post 13 of my fave fave nails from 2013! So, in no particular order…
1.Valentines Nails val nails 2
2. Party Nails party nails 3
3. Floral Nails floral nails 3
4. Easter Nails bunny nails
5. Space Nails galaxy nails
6. My first gradient nails gradient 2
7. Gradient + gold summer nails
8. Strawberry Nails strawberry again
9. Watermelon Nails watermelon nails 2
10. 3D Nails 3d1
11. Skunk Nails skunk nails
12. Frankenstein Nails frank nails
13. Black Cat Nails cat nails 2What are your favorites?

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