November Favorites

121. Epsome Salt. I’ve been taking a lot of epsome salt bathes lately and it’s been wonderfully relaxing.
2. Already Famous by Sephora by OPI
3. Dive Bar by Essie
4. This beautiful broach I got as a bridesmaid gift from my friend Patricia! I love it so much.
5. Half & Half. I got an iced coffee brewer for my birthday and I prefer to drink my iced coffee with either Half & Half or full on cream. I also love to add a bit to my hot chocolate for a little more decadence. I’m fancy, y’all.
6. Die cuts! We have a die cut machine at work and I was able to make several fun banners and decorations for our Friendsgiving get together!
7. Cider Lane candle from Bath and Body works.
8. Revolution! Guys, I’m kind of obsessed with this show.
9. Making sweet potato casserole. Recipe coming soon! =)

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