IMG_8791In 1977 my great grandmother, Ruth Demott, made a quilt for my dad. She actually had been making quilts for all her grandchildren as wedding gifts, but she thought my dad would never get married. Haha. Around 1997, 20 years later, I claimed that quilt as my own. In high school it was dubbed “the weed blanket” by my friends because it was so groovy and always made me happy. Recently, my quilt started falling apart on the edges and a few of the squares had rips. For Christmas my mom had it repaired and had the ripped squares replaced with fabric we used in our wedding! Isn’t that the sweetest?!quiltI love so much that my great grandmother left her initials and the date on the quilt. I also love that there is no color palette, no theme, just random squares with no rhyme or reason. quilt 2This blue square with red and yellow flowers is my favorite out of them all!

One thought on “Quilt

  1. Robin Hill

    I didn’t realize you have the quilt your great grandmother Ruth made for your dad. I have the one she made me when I was born. It has the state flower and bird for all 48 (yes, 48) states.
    I’m so glad your mom had it repaired, and how special to have squares added from your wedding. Great Grandma Ruth would be so honored. Cherish it and take good care of it.
    Much Love,
    Aunt Robin


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