Ray’s December Favorites

Dec faves - jpeg 11. New (used) winter coat – It’s not very cold in the FL but when it is I need this coat… and durring Dec. I needed it a little more often than I would have liked… Fortunately I do like the coat.
2. New (used) Tony Lama snake skin boots – I love my boots… but my old pair were getting a bit on the ragged side, so now I have a new pair and they are great!
3. Lay’s Limon chips – Ok, I love Salt and Vinigar chips… but I also love citrus fruit and these are like a mix of the two. They are seriously great (and I’m not typically much of a potato chip man).
4.  ACMco Dreamland vocal mic – Ok, I bought this mic because #1. I liked the way it looked and #2.  it was made by a guy who makes some amazing mics I’ve wanted to get my hands on. Instead of those mics I stumbled across this one. I was unsure about the mic at first, but the more I use it the more I like it.
5. Red beanie – I mean obviously. decem faves

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