Ray’s January 2014 Favorites

ray1. A Dance with Dragons: I’ve gotten most of the way through A Song of Ice and Fire, and am now on book 5. So far I’ve really loved this series.
2. A&W Root Beer: Guys, we love Root Beer her at Alliray, and this is one of our most favs!
3. New iPhone. My iPhone 4 had gotten to the point where it had for real seen better days. Fortunately because of a good deal and Christmas, Allison and I were able to upgrade!
ray 2

4.The Star Wars: Guys, I’ve been getting back into comic books, and this one is golden! It’s based off George Lucas’ original rough-draft screenplay of Star Wars. So things are familiar, but completely different. The art and writing are good too.
5. Fantomex Max Mini-Series: Fantomex is one of my favorite new characters in the Marvel Universe, and I’ve really enjoyed him having his own Max mini-series.
ray 36.Amazing X-Men – Oh Nightcrawler, how I have missed you. this is the first issue of another X-Men book that I’m really enjoying.

Sorry my January Favorites are so nerd-centric… but its what I’ve been jamming to lately.

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