Root Beer Review : Stewart’s

stewarts 1Allison’s Review:
Creaminess: 4 – On the verge of creaminess perfection.
Carbonation: 3
Flavor: 3 – Stewart’s actually has a great classic root beer flavor, but there is nothing unique about it. Nothing that stands out.
Packaging: 2.5 – They used a glass bottle, which is always nice. However, the graphics are dated and not in a cool way.
Overall Experience: 3.5 – Stewart’s is a pretty good, classic tasting root beer. No complaints!stewarts 3

Ray’s Review:
Creaminess: 2.5 – Not overly creamy. But a good blend of creaminess to accompany the flavor and carbonation.
Carbonation: 4 – It has a good amount of carbonation, and works well with the flavor
Flavor: 3.5 – Solid root beer flavor. Nothing amazing or weird or even very different. But still a good flavor.
Packaging: 3.5 – Brown glass bottle, twist off top, simple logo and classic root beer graphic
Overall Experience: 4 One of the better, plain ole root beers I’ve had. No surprises, but sometimes that’s nice.stewarts

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