Saturday Weird Day

I knew Saturday was going to be weird when I started picking out my clothes. I normally do laundry every Sunday evening, but I was really sick the previous Sunday, so only essentials were washed. I was going to a church-lady wedding shower for my friend Kayla and wanted to look at least somewhat cute. This is mostly because I don’t see those ladies very often and I didn’t want them to think “Well, Allison has really let herself go.” Surprise, none of them cared and several of them thought I was my sister. Anyway, I picked out this weird-o outfit of a too-big shirt/dress I had to pin, leggings, and a pink cardigan that was way too hot for summer.
Before going to the shower, I needed to stop by a hardware store to pick up some gardening gloves to add to my gift (which included gardening tools, a hose nozzle, and some flower seeds). Ray and I almost exclusively shop at Lowes, but I decided to go to Home Depot because it was closer. Guess what, I don’t know where anything is located in Home Depot! I couldn’t find gardening gloves, a man WORKING IN THE GARDENING DEPARTMENT told me they were in hardware, once I got to hardware no gardening gloves were to be found, another employee ended up finding them back in gardening section next to the cash register. Whew! At that point I was sweaty (remember my too hot cardigan) and still had to assemble my gift in the car.
I made it to the shower, enjoyed several glasses of coffee punch, watched Kayla open presents, and had the chance to visit with people I hadn’t seen in a while. Once I got home, Ray was waiting for me to decide what we were going to do for the rest of the day.
We browsed the internet looking for events or happenings in the area. We found a winery in Gainesville and decided that’s where we needed to go.IMG_2748

But first, we stopped at Bev’s for cheese burgers. We love Bev’s! One of my first ever blog posts was a review of Bev’s!IMG_2754
After Bev’s, we made our way to Bluefields Winery in the middle of nowhere North Florida. They make blueberry wine and muscadine grape wine. Florida wine, if you will.  We did a wine tasting and while it wasn’t our favorite, we both enjoyed a few of the varieties. Here’s an awkward photo of me preparing to try wine: IMG_2755Next, we decided to continue south to Ocala. We stopped at Vibranium Comics first. This was actually a nightmare. Here’s why:

1. I got into an argument WITH A COP about movies. He said Pitch Perfect 2 and Tomorrowland were better than Mad Max. Now, I haven’t seen PP2 or Tomorrowland… but clearly Mad Max was better. This is why people don’t trust cops!!!!
2. I was trying to avoid an awkward loud family giving opinions on every superhero movie ever made. They would never leave! Or stop talking!
3. It felt like we were there for 100 years.
Our next stop was Clark’s Comics, a much nicer atmosphere and no annoying cops. I got an ice coffee from a coffee shop next door and listened to 90’s punk rock (Clark’s choice, not mine) while Ray looked through hundreds of long boxes. IMG_2757As we were leaving, we noticed a shop called Vintage Toy King next door to the comic book shop. It was awesome!! They had Action figures of all kinds, toys, games, legos, etc. We were also able to talk with the owner for a while about Infinity Con.
After that we made our way to downtown Ocala. We were planning on just getting dinner, but we saw an antique shop on the way and decided to check it out. We tend to go through phases regarding antique and vintage shopping and lately we haven’t really been into it. I’m glad we stopped though. Here’s Ray dancing through the store: IMG_2761And here is me in a forest of driftwood: IMG_2768We had dinner at Feta, a super delicious Greek restaurant in downtown Ocala. I ordered a Greek salad and Ray ordered kabobs. We HIGHLY recommend this place! After dinner we drove home.IMG_2777

I love having plans and things to do on the weekends. If I sleep all day or end up laying around the house I always feel like I wasted my time. We have a lot of busy weekends this summer, so expect more long blog posts recounting every detail and semi-blurry iphone pictures for documentation. 🙂


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