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Autumn 2015

IMG_0593I know there are technically a few weeks left of summer (and literally months of 90+ degree weather here in North Florida),  but labor day always marks a sort of farewell to the summer season. It’s generally bittersweet to see the summer go, but this year it’s only sweet. I can feel in my bones how much I need autumn right now.
Last September Ray got really sick and spent over a week in the hospital (another week in December and another few days in May). He was in a lot of pain, ended up having 2 major surgeries, and still (even a year later) feels the effects from last fall. That time was stressful, chaotic, scary, and just really hard. And while we were fully taken care of and carried through those difficult times, it’s nice the medical issues are over. I feel like we skipped fall (or actually entire holiday season) last year. I’m looking forward to Autumn 2015 as a season of renewal and refreshment.
Autumn 2015 is already starting to look very (VERY) different than 2014. We already have a trip to Disney World planned for my birthday, a trip to Nashville with friends for a wedding (and hopefully a visit with Jenna), our annual Friendsgiving party, and a plan to take time and enjoy the season. I can’t wait!

Year in review

Happy New Years Eve! 2014 was an interesting year. There were lots of changes and surprises. Some were fun, some not so much but we’re definitely looking forward to a new year! Here’s a look back on 2014!

We saw our current favorite band, Shovels and Rope, in concert. It was such a great show!photo 1 (2)We grew hydroponic lettuce! photo 5We both got new jobs! Ray wears slacks everyday. Haha!

photo 1 (6)photo 4 (2)We took a quick anniversary trip to St. Augustine. We also tried a wonut.

photo 2 (1)photo 3 (3)

We went to MegaCon in Orlando! Sooo much fun! This guy is from my fave comic book, Saga.photo 1 (3)We went berry picking!

blueberry 2 allison blueberryRay had a crazy idea to organize a comic convention in our small town. Somehow it worked out (with the help of the NWGLS crew and so many others) and was super successful! Infinity Con 2014!

IMG_9533We dressed as Moaning Myrtle and dad Harry Potter for Harry Potter’s birthday.photo 5 (1)

Ray was in the hospital for over a week with diverticulitis.
photo 4 (5) My sister came home for the holidays!! She lives in Kenya (which, um… is really far away) and I was sooooooooo excited for her to be home.photo 1 (8) We dressed as a pizza and a delivery boy for Halloween! Brie dressed as a poptart!

pizza 5photo 2 (6)We hosted Friendsgiving Vol. 2!photo 2 (5)

After Ray’s bout with diverticulitis, we made a decision for him to have surgery to resolve the situation. We spent another week in the hospital in December.photo 1 (7) We dressed Black Cat in a Christmas sweater. photo 3 (6) So much more happened in 2014 but this post was getting pretty long. Thank you to everyone that was a part of our lives this year! Here’s to 2015!photo 4 (4)

May 2014 Favorites!

It’s May favorites time! May was a busy month for us. We both had a lot of work projects going on and events happening every weekend. We’re looking forward to some lazy summer days!
faves 1

1. Better Homes Lemon Pepper scented wax cubes. My mom gave me a tart/wax warmer for Christmas and I LOVE it. We’ve tried out many different scents and this one is my current favorite. I’ve found that a lot of the wax tarts you buy at the grocery store can have a cheap, super sweet scent, but this one is light and refreshing.
2. Tree Hut Body Butter in the scent Coconut Lime. Perfect for summer AND the Tree Hut brand is much cheaper than what I was using before.
3. Saga issue 19. Saga is the first (and only) comic book series I’ve ever read. I picked up the trade of issues 1-6 at the library in January for Ray because I thought it looked kind of weird and fun. He never read it, but I loved it! While we were at Megacon Ray bought me the trades for issues 1-18! Issue 19 just came out and I loved it!
faves 24. Trader Joe’s Quinoa and Black Bean chips. If you’re near a Trader Joe’s you HAVE to try these. Super flavorful and only about $2 for a huge bag.
5. It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner. This is actually a free gift with purchase sample I got from Ulta, but I’ll probably buy the full size when I run out. This stuff makes my hair so soft!
6. Orbit peppermint gum. A girl’s gotta have fresh breath.
faves 3

7. The Girls are Out by Essie
8. The More the Merrier by Essie
9. Turquoise and Caicos by Essie.
10. Splash of Grenadine by Essie. Can you tell I’m on an Essie kick?
11. Teal and blue earrings from Target.

12. Summer! Summer is probably my least favorite season, but I still love it a little bit.
13. All I Do is Win by T-Pain, Ludacris and DJ Khaled. I kind of love Luda.

What have you been loving this past month?

March Favorites 2014

march faves1. Swamplandia! by Karen Russell.
2. Satsuma body butter from The Body Shop. I’m still so obsessed with this. I always want to smell like a citrus grove.
3. Plants, especially this new aloe plant I bought for my window sill at work.
4. Teal nail polish (all of them, not just this particular one)
5. Forever 21 cheap-o earrings
6. Rose Salve. I use it on my cuticles (almost) everyday!
7. Clementines! Seriously obsessed. I probably eat 3-4 of these a day.
8. Ginger Beer, by itself OR mixed with rum and lime aka a dark and stormy.
9. My new job! I love it so much.

Allison’s January 2014 Favorites

jan1. New iphone!! Yay! The iphone I had been using for the previous 2 years originally belonged to Ray and the screen has been cracked the entire time. I’m loving the 5s AND we got a great deal on it from Best Buy! Win win!
2. New iphone case by Rifle Paper Co.
3. True Blue Paraffin Hand Lotion. This stuff is super moisturizing and smells like oranges.jan 2satsume
4. Emergen-C because of sick life. Boo.
5. Sage Berry Candle Company wax tarts! I love that these tarts are from a local company and they smell sooo good.
6. Orly nail polish in Rage
7. Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse by Happy Hands Nail Polish (another fave local company)
8. Maybelline’s The Rocket Mascara
9. The Body Shop Body Butter in Satsuma. This might be my favorite January Favorite.

10. Orange is the New Black. Please, oh please lets hope I never have to go to prison because I will clearly never survive.
11. DDon’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. Long title, right? I wasn’t a huge fan of this show at first, but James Van Der Beek has just been killing it lately. He’s hilarious and I love that he plays himself.

*UNFAVORITE*almay1. Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads. The absolute WORST eye makeup remover pads I’ve ever used.