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Adventure Now

plantsADVENTURE!!! ┬áBefore you read this post, watch this video first! It’s not even 3 minutes long, you have time!
That my friends is a trailer for the video series I watched everyday during the summer of 2008. Yes, everyday. I was working at a summer camp in West Palm Beach with Fuge Camps. It was an incredible summer for so many reason, reasons I can’t even begin to explain on this one lonely blog. Anyway, back to Adventure Now.┬áThe protagonist in this series is Walt, a regular dude who happens to have a VHS tape fall out of the sky on to his head. After watching the tape, Walt and his friends, Garret and Pete, embark on an adventure to discover the origin of the tape.
Honestly, the series is hilarious but doesn’t make much sense. What I got out of the series, besides tons of inside jokes only fuge camp staff understand, is that adventure is important.

“Looking out into the complete unknown, staring down the mysterious, and taking a step out. Now ,that’s an adventure. Everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone needs adventure.”

The other day I was in a parking lot downtown, saw a VHS tape on the ground and was immediately taken back to Adventure Now. It got me thinking about my life and the adventure I’ve been on. After thinking on it for a few days I don’t really have an answer or profound thought other than adventure is important. The adventure we’re on in this life is important, thus we shouldn’t be flippant about it. We should embrace it with full force. Again, I don’t really know exactly what that means but I think it’s worth remembering.

Everyone needs adventure and adventure is important.

What are your thoughts on adventure?