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SeaWorld Birthday Trip

IMG_5323This past Saturday, Ray and I went to SeaWorld to celebrate his 35th birthday (which was actually yesterday). Neither of us had been to SeaWorld since we were children, so we weren’t really sure what the expect. BUT Ray LOVES marine life and I love cheesy shows so we weren’t too worried.
We left our house around 6:30am Saturday morning and arrived at SeaWorld when they opened at 9:00am. We didn’t wait in many lines, the day was extremely relaxed, and we were able to catch 4 animal shows.
1. Ray was able to pet the stingrays twice. It was his favorite thing from the whole day.
2. The dolphin and bird show was soooo great! I love dolphins!!! Unfortunately (and fortunately), since trainers are no longer allowed to be in the water with killer whales, those shows were a little lackluster.
3. While we didn’t see anyone get attacked by a killer whale, we did see a man get attacked by a squirrel!!! SeaWorld Squirrels do not play. The man acted like he was going to give the squirrel popcorn and then pulled away.
4. SeaWorld has the sweetest Christmas village area set up. Lots of Christmas lights, festive music, hot chocolate + hot toddies, smores, elves, etc.
5. We rode 2 scary roller coasters, the manta and the kraken. The manta has you in the “prone position”, where you’re basically on your stomach most of the ride. It was a little nerve racking, but really fun. The kraken is the largest roller coaster I’ve ever been one, and honestly I’m still in disbelief I actually rode it. It was terrifying, but if you like roller coasters this is the ride for you! It had several loops and seemed really long.
6. Penguins! Guys, the penguins were so adorable (except when I saw one projectile doo doo onto his friend)!!! The only line we waited in all day was for the penguins, and it was only about 25 minutes.
Here are a few snapshots from the day:IMG_5269IMG_5316IMG_5318IMG_5322IMG_5290IMG_5317IMG_5327We tried to get a few snapshots together, but as you can see we didn’t succeed in getting very many. Maybe next time!