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Love, Florida – Aunt Aggie’s Bone Garden

Whew, it’s been a while since I posted a Love, Florida blog and this one shouldn’t disappoint. Today I’m featuring Aunt Aggie’s Bone Garden. I first learned about the bone garden several years ago as it was located in Lake City (and possibly a few block from my house). Unfortunately, you can no longer visit as it was only in operation between 1900 and 1918.

From what I’ve gathered, Aunt Aggie Jones was a former slave from around the area. She created her bone yard around the turn of the century and it became somewhat of a tourist attraction for North Florida. The garden was made by hangings and statues of sun bleached animal bones. Where she got all of these bone, I surely don’t want to know. Aunt Aggie didn’t charge admission, but she did have produce and flowers for sale. Pretty incredible isn’t it? Also, maybe slightly creepy as well.
Fun fact #1: My friend Megan wrote a song about Aunt Aggie’s Bone Garden.
Fun Fact #2: There was another former slave that opened a bone yard around the same time just one tiny town over. I wonder if these two ladies were friends.

All images are taken from the Florida Memory website. If you’re into Florida history, old photography, etc. this is really cool site for you to check out!