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Booze and Bacon Party

The other night some friends of ours hosted a Booze and Bacon party! So clever, right? It was lots of fun and everyone brought such creative (a delicious) dishes. Unfortunately, I only had my iphone so the documentation of the event isn’t super high quality. But hey, it’s booze and bacon and I don’t think anyone is going to care too much about low-quality photos. 😉photo (50) Ray and I brought Peanut Butter and Bacon cookies, homemade Bacon Jam, and bacon infused whiskey for Bacon Old Fashionds! All of them turned out really delicious.photo (51)photo (52)

We also had BLT sliders, maple-bacon cupcakes, bacon jalapeno poppers, tequila-bacon guacamole and bacon-caramel-whiskey-marshmallow-chocolate bark. Whew, so good. photo (53)

We really like fun food themed parties! Do you guys have any good suggestions for us?