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Nick and Camillia’s wedding!

Another wedding?! YEP! Around the time I turned 24 I started being invited to weddings non-stop, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier about it. This wedding was surly no exception.
Nick and Camillia are two of our best friends. Nick was even in our wedding! We love them and were so excited for their wedding/marriage. The affair was really sweet and intimate and everyone was so full of love. Their daughter, Annabelle (possibly the most adorable child in the world), was just as excited as the rest of us and made it known with coos and laughs during the numptuals.

The Blanton wedding was seriously one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever been to. You can see more picture here on Megan’s blog.

A Spring Wedding

Our friends Darren and Kaylee got married recently and they had the sweetest wedding! Neutral colors, twinkle lights, friends, old music, homemade food and lots of love.

I know to some people weddings can be stressful or boring or whatever, but I LOVE weddings.

Kay was the most adorable bride ever.

Ray was the best man so he was fancy all day!

Isn’t he cute? 😉