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Blood Orange Cocktail

Up until a few weeks ago, if someone was to ask me what my favorite cocktail was, my answer would have been a Dark & Stormy. It’s my go-to. With dark rum, lime juice, and ginger beer, Dark & Stormies are crisp and light and a little spicey. A Dark & Stormy is essentially a Moscow Mule (which you might be more familiar with), but with dark rum as opposed to vodka.

If you saw my January Favorites post, you saw that I’ve been really into blood oranges lately. I made blood orange ice cream a few weeks ago and have been playing around with ideas for different blood orange cocktails. I decided to go with what I know and love and create a blood orange Dark & Stormy!
This drink recipe is so simple and it’s almost laughable to post a recipe, but I didn’t want to keep this masterpiece to myself!
1 shot of dark spiced rum (or 2 or 3)
Juice from 1-2 blood oranges
Ginger beer

Add the rum and blood orange juice to a chilled copper mug (because fancy). Fill the rest of the mug with Ginger Beer. Garnish with an orange slice. Enjoy!

Caramel Apple Sangria

cocktail 1cocktail 3This year for Friendsgiving, Ray and I decided to offer a fall/winter inspired cocktail. We knew we could go one of two ways. Apple based or cranberry based. This year we went with apple.cocktail 2We knew we wanted to make it in large batches to accommodate for the crowd. We chose a simple, but delicious Caramel Apple Sangria recipe.
Here’s what you need:
1 gallon Apple Cider or Apple Juice
1 large bottle Pinot Grigio
3/4 bottle Caramel Vodka
chopped apples for garnish
Mix, refrigerate, and serve!
Pro Tip – We used two different types of apples, red delicious and pink lady because that’s what we had on hand. The pink lady apples definitely help up better than the red delicious, which got a little mushy. I suggest using extra crisp apples like pink lady or gala.

We served this cocktail in a a medium sized glass drink dispenser. It was a big hit at Friendsgiving this year, but I think it would also be appropriate for a Christmas party!

Dark and Stormy

d and sI believe the Dark and Stormy is the front runner for the 2014 cocktail of the year! A few months ago Ray and I were at a party and our friend brought ginger beer for Whisky Gingers and I fell in love. The next day I spent a good amount of time looking for cocktail recipes including ginger beer. I came across the obvious Moscow Mule, which I liked but didn’t love. I then learned you can substitute rum for vodka in a Moscow Mule and BOOM, a Dark and Stormy! d and s 2Dark and Stormy
Rum (I used spiced rum because it’s my favorite, but I believe the original recipe calls for black rum)
Ginger Beer
d and s 3In a glass either chilled or with ice, add 2 ounces of rum, juice from a quarter of a lime and top it off with ginger beer. Easy and delicious! If you don’t drink you can always omit the rum (ginger beer is non-alcoholic) and it’s still really good and refreshing.