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Megacon Vlog!

photo (7)A week and  a half ago Ray and I, along with several friends/creatives we’re working on some projects with, went to Megacon in Orlando! It was such a great weekend! We were able to  meet and brainstorm with our team, attend several informative panels, listen to the legendary Stan Lee speak (Ray’s fave) and observed many MANY cosplayers (my fave). Check out our vlog for all the fun!

Ray’s January 2014 Favorites

ray1. A Dance with Dragons: I’ve gotten most of the way through A Song of Ice and Fire, and am now on book 5. So far I’ve really loved this series.
2. A&W Root Beer: Guys, we love Root Beer her at Alliray, and this is one of our most favs!
3. New iPhone. My iPhone 4 had gotten to the point where it had for real seen better days. Fortunately because of a good deal and Christmas, Allison and I were able to upgrade!
ray 2

4.The Star Wars: Guys, I’ve been getting back into comic books, and this one is golden! It’s based off George Lucas’ original rough-draft screenplay of Star Wars. So things are familiar, but completely different. The art and writing are good too.
5. Fantomex Max Mini-Series: Fantomex is one of my favorite new characters in the Marvel Universe, and I’ve really enjoyed him having his own Max mini-series.
ray 36.Amazing X-Men – Oh Nightcrawler, how I have missed you. this is the first issue of another X-Men book that I’m really enjoying.

Sorry my January Favorites are so nerd-centric… but its what I’ve been jamming to lately.

Dragon Con is cool

Ok, this post might be slightly out of character for me, but just trust me for a moment. Before I contradict everything I want you to know I’ve only read 2 comic books in my life and one was about True Blood, so I don’t even think it counts. I’ve only recently started watching shows and movies in the sci-fi genera (hello Firefly and Battle Star Galactica!!) and I never ever played any video games. Ever. I wont even bowl on the wii. Despite these facts, I REALLY want to go to Dragon Con (or comicon or comic palooza or whatever). I mean, where else can a Sith Lord, Mario, a sexy elf and steampunk batman hang out and have lunch? Ray found this video last night and now it’s my new favorite! I know it’s long, but there are sooooo many incredible costumes. Enjoy!