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Halloween Costume Round-up

halloween 2013 1I know people say this all the time, but marriage comes with challenges. One of the challenges we’ve had to face is Halloween costumes. I love Halloween and love dressing up. I’m ok making multiple costumes for multiple Halloween parties. Ray, on the other hand, does not share my love for Halloween. He doesn’t hate it, but he’s fine just not really wearing a costume. Or worse, going as himself. Another challenge we face is the issue of couples costumes. I ALWAYS want us to dress in couples costumes, but figuring something out that’s awesome for me and easy for him isn’t always easy.
Here are a few of our costumes of the past:photo 2
1. Bjork and a dude with a jetpack. – Non-couples costumes.We helped each other with our costumes, even though we weren’t officially a couple. This was a really fun party and after a few drinks I remember people asking us why we were holding hands. 🙂 Unfortunately, I could not find a photo of Ray’s jetpack… but believe me, it was cool. It had working fans and lights!

photo 12. Pawnee Goddess and Dale Tompkins (our friend/pastor) – Non-couples costume year 2. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any full body photos of us. The main part of my costume was the Pawnee Goddess vest my mom made for me! Ray’s costume included khaki shorts, a bright polo with Church On The Way emblem, name tag, fake glasses, and crocs.

photo (3)3. Khaki Scout (from Moonrise Kingdom) and Dorothy – Again with the non-couples costumes. I’m so disappointed I didn’t dress up as Suzey as a raven from Moonrise Kingdom. These were last minute costumes we came up with a few hours before a party. Ray’s cute but I just looked pretty boring.

halloween 2013 24. Little Mouse, Big Hungry Bear and the Red Ripe Strawberry – Literary costumes. When I worked for the library all employees dressed as characters from books. I choose a character from my favorite children’s book. Ray was a really good sport.

photo (2)5. Duck Dynasty and a duck. Again, super easy and last minute. At that time Ray was being told on the reg that he looked like a Duck Dynasty brother so we thought it was fitting.

So, those are a few of the Halloween costumes of our past. We’re both getting excited about this year’s costumes! 😉