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12 Dates of Christmas

December is always such a busy month and with work, recordings, meetings, small group, etc. it would have been really easy for Ray and I to miss out on quality time together. This year, we decided to make sure we didn’t get too caught up in the hustle of the Holidays by participating in the 12 dates of Christmas. I read about this last year (or maybe the year before?) on Naomi’s blog. Basically, you make it a point to go on 12 dates during the month of December. Here’s what we did:
photo (31)1. Mochi frozen yogurt date
2. Drove around and looked at christmas lights
3. Pizza date
4. watched Muppet Family Christmas together (my favorite Christmas movie)
5. watched Die Hard together (Ray’s favorite Christmas movie)
6. walked around the lake in puffy jackets
7. fancy date (sparkles included)
8. made apple cider together (blogged here)
9. sushi date
10. breakfast donut date
11. homemade tomoato soup and grilled cheese date at home
12. starbucks date

Most of the dates we went on were sweet, simple, and didn’t take up the entire evening. I highly recommmend doing the 12 dates of Christmas (or 8 dates or whatever). It was nice to have intentional time set aside for each other, even in the midst of the holiday crazyness.