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Christmas Update

dec 13 1Seasonal blog posts I wanted to write about but didn’t due to the time constraints of working, hospital-ing and Christmas-ing:
– Shepherds being my favorite part of the Christmas story
– My favorite DIY Christmas gifts to give/recieve
– My family’s Christmas vs. Ray’s family Christmas and how we get the best of both worlds
– My aversion to most radio Christmas songs vs. my love for holy Christmas songs
– Holiday nail art
– Holiday stress

Ray and I had such a sweet and wonderful Christmas. We spent the morning with my family and the afternoon/evening with Ray’s family. We exchanged gifts, visited with relatives and ate delicious food. Because Ray is still recovering from his surgery, we made a point to move slow, literally and figuratively. We spent time together, just the two of us, to exchange gifts and hang out after a long day. We’re both tired and looking forward to a weekend of relaxing.

Highlights/lowlights of the day:
– My mom gave Ray her classical guitar! So sweet!
– Delicious food including monkey bread, mimosas, cookie butter truffles and buffalo chicken dip!
– I left my purse at my parents house with my licence and Ray’s pain medicine. We didn’t notice until we were in Live Oak at Ray’s parent’s house. Booo.
– Justin’s dog, Chief, peed on the Christmas tree. I personally thought this was hilarious. I mean, it is a tree…

We hope you had a Merry Christmas!

December Update

IMG_9974IMG_9976IMG_9977IMG_9975It’s really nice to welcome these guys back into the public. I’m not brave enough to put our vintage ornaments on our tree this because I don’t trust Black Cat to understand they’re decorations and not new toys. In the future I hope to buy an extra large real tree, but for now our small faux tree works.
December has been a hard month so far. We opened the month with a major surgery (which went well, btw) followed by a week recovering in the hospital. More recovery happening at home.  Close friends of ours suffered a loss in late November, which broke our hearts. Both of us have been feeling under the weather and neither of us have been sleeping well. Also, the Christmas season can be a tad stressful, don’t you think? Not to be a huge downer, but the first half of December has just been really rough.
Despite all that I just said, I think this December will end well. 2014 will be redeemed. I’m looking forward to a few quiet nights spending time with the ones I love, remembering this year and reflecting on the advent season.

December 2013 Favorites!

dec 13

dec 13 1polish dec1. The Harry Potter series! I’m currently on the 6th book in the series and I’ve been reading them since Thanksgiving. This is the first time in my adult life that I’ve read the series from the beginning. The last two times I read the series I started on book 4, my favorite!
2. Vitamin C. I was sick for two full weeks in December. Stuffy nose, coughing constantly, sore throat, sinus pain, body aches, etc. It’s was terrible and I ended up getting Ray and Brie sick as well. Vitamin C is now part of my daily routine!
3. Leaves scented candle from Bath and Body Works. By now you all know of my love for B&BW candles. This is one of my favorite scents, and since it’s only available in the fall I like to stock up.
4. Christmas decorations! We don’t own lots of seasonal decorations, but we did put up a tree and garland and I’ve loved every second of it!
5. Carnival by Essie. Definitely holiday appropriate.
6. CeraVe moisturizer. I tend to get extremely dry skin in windy months, when I’m sick, if the heat is on or if I venture out of the deep south. Although I haven’t used it long, I’m really loving this facial moisturizer. It’s not greasy or heavy, but it does fight off my gross dry skin.
7. Having my sister home!!

Allison’s December Favorites!

dec faves 11. Red and pink scarf I got while I was in Macedonia in 2010
2. Homemade apple cider (recipe here)
3. Vintage coffee creamer my mother-in-law gave us
4. Aqua hand and nail lotion
5. Urban Decay eye shadow in Mushroom
6. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
7. China Glaze nail polish in Salsa
8. Loreal Linear Intense felt tip eyeliner in Carbon Black
9. Christmas cards! At the time, I could only find these 3. =(fav 2faves 2
What were  your December favorites?