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A Dining Room (without ghosts)

Regularly we have people, usually complete strangers, ask us if Big Brown is haunted or if we ever get “spooked” by our house. The conversations usually go something like this:
Person walking or driving by: “Hey, is that house haunted?”
Us: “Um, nope.”
Person: “Are you sure? My friend said he saw a ghost there.”
Us: “Oh, well there aren’t any ghosts here…”dining room 5dining room 10

I can definitely say that Big Brown is NOT haunted. It might have a few quirks (slanted-ceiling closets, chipping paint, sealed up chimmineys, awkward long room) but no ghosts. 3 years ago around this time we were hoping to purchase our house. We had taken a tour of Big Brown before we were even engaged (or really dating) and we both fell in love with it’s old bones and charm.dining room 1dinning room 2

Today our house is full of color, collections, handmade garlands and a few cat toys. I feel like it’s a work in progress and will continue to be that for as long as we live here. As much as we love Big Brown, making a house and home is a process. And I think that process should come naturally and slowly.dining room 3

Our dining room is one of the spaces that has taken a while but is starting to come together. To my objecting, we painted the already-dark room a dark cherry red. I’m still not in love with the color, but it’s starting to grow on me. This room was kind of inspired by the movie Royal Tennenbaums, a favorite in our house. On the walls we have a few of my vintage paint by number paintings, a framed printed canvas on whaling we spotted during our honeymoon, a portrait of Ray’s great grandparents, a clock made by my grandfather and other fun pieces we’ve come across. We also found a mid-century table and almost-matching china cabinet that’s perfect for the space!dining room 8dining room 4

A (very) recent addition to our dining room is my Nonnie’s sewing machine, which we believe originally belonged to my great grandmother. It’s such a neat and ornate table and I’m so glad it found a home with us.dining room 9

I never thought I would love our dining room. With only one small window and bad lighting, it was really dark. The wall color didn’t help. But, you know what? After a little curating it’s become on of my favorite rooms in our house! I love finding new things to put on the walls and I love having people over to eat at our table.

These photos were taken the day after Thanksgiving, so please excuse the odd mixture of Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. =)