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Happy Weekend

You know, just 2 years worth of Alliray disguise pictures found on Ray’s iphone. Pretty exciting huh?  I hope you all have a great weekend.
1. Ray as Ironman
2. Me as Ironlady
3. Ray as a fancyass
4. Me as a fancyass
5. Ray as Groucho Marx
6. Me as Groucho Marxette
7. Ray as a dirty bane
8. Ray as a scary bird
9. Me as captain America
10. Me as an AZN
11. Ray as a metro-sexual Christian rock star (my fave!)
12. Ray as a dad from 1982. Or a welder.
13. Ray as a mariachi band member
14. Ray as a  Mexican
15. Ray as a middle-aged lady with a head ache
16.  Me as a reindeer

I plan on being lazy, petting rude cats, painting my nails, watching My Name is Earl and hanging out with the hubs.