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The Colton and Zara Band

Hello friends! I’ve been rather lax on this blog for the past week or so and I blame it on having a gross cold and my sister moving to Africa. Thankfully, I’m now in recovery and Brie is now living in Kenya.Last Sunday, the Extreme Tour was in town. You can read all about the extreme tour on their website… but their main goal is to have free concerts around the country while simultaneously sharing the gospel. Mostly I just want you to know that Ray and his band were on the tour in 2003 and 2004.

My favorite band on the tour this year was called The Colton and Zara band. Ray says they’re a mixture of The Rocket Summer, Five Iron Frenzy and The Danielson Family. I know that doesn’t really make sense… but it’s true. They’re oh so adorable and their stage performance couldn’t be cuter. I actually do not think this video does them much justice… when they were here they had much better stage presence and a really fun look overall.

Aren’t they cute?!