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Christmas Update

dec 13 1Seasonal blog posts I wanted to write about but didn’t due to the time constraints of working, hospital-ing and Christmas-ing:
– Shepherds being my favorite part of the Christmas story
– My favorite DIY Christmas gifts to give/recieve
– My family’s Christmas vs. Ray’s family Christmas and how we get the best of both worlds
– My aversion to most radio Christmas songs vs. my love for holy Christmas songs
– Holiday nail art
– Holiday stress

Ray and I had such a sweet and wonderful Christmas. We spent the morning with my family and the afternoon/evening with Ray’s family. We exchanged gifts, visited with relatives and ate delicious food. Because Ray is still recovering from his surgery, we made a point to move slow, literally and figuratively. We spent time together, just the two of us, to exchange gifts and hang out after a long day. We’re both tired and looking forward to a weekend of relaxing.

Highlights/lowlights of the day:
– My mom gave Ray her classical guitar! So sweet!
– Delicious food including monkey bread, mimosas, cookie butter truffles and buffalo chicken dip!
– I left my purse at my parents house with my licence and Ray’s pain medicine. We didn’t notice until we were in Live Oak at Ray’s parent’s house. Booo.
– Justin’s dog, Chief, peed on the Christmas tree. I personally thought this was hilarious. I mean, it is a tree…

We hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Family Heritage

famil 5My mother recently went though a box of old family photos and I cannot even express how much I love them. I was never able to meet my great grandparents, so I love having these captured memories.family 5
hese are of my Aunt Barry with my great grandmother and my great grandfather (and chickens. family 2My Aunt Barry again, as a child wearing a pith helmet and “smoking” a pipe. Attitude for days!family 3My Nonnie and Papa in the 40’s. I love this picture soooo much!family 4A few others of my Nonnie. Wasn’t she beautiful?  I love old photos so much and am thinking about a gallery wall comprised of them. Or maybe having giant copies made ala this project. What do you think?family 6