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Allison Drew on Nancy Drew: The Demon of River Hieghts

IMG_6403 - 1As you know, I’m slightly obsessed with all things Nancy Drew, so when I received this Nancy Drew graphic novel for Christmas I was super excited. Nancy Drew: The Demon of River Heights is the first in the graphic novel series. This book is definitely on a lower reading level (4th grade-ish) but I was still able to enjoy it. This series was written in the last several years, so it is MUCH more modern. I mean, Nancy has a hybrid AND a cell phone.
In this mystery Nancy, Bess, and George meet up with some guys who are visiting River Heights to film a monster movie. The girls wait for the boys at a coffee shop, but after the guys no-show Nancy, Bess, and George decide to go look for them… in the woods… at night. Caos ensues. Some of the highlights include Nancy running out of gas twice, Bess and George being experts on bear safety,  Nancy getting kidnapped after wondering in the woods alone (per usual), an explosion in an abandoned mining cavern, and the girls outsmarting the local police yet again.

IMG_6402 - 1Sleuthing Tips:
1. Criminals will always try to fake a suicide. Make sure they’re actually dead.
2. Don’t forget to fill up your tank.
3. Keep a flash light in your pocket, you never know when you will have to explore an abandoned mining cave…